Guide to Bathroom Furniture

When you're choosing your bathroom suites, you might not give much thought any additional bathroom furniture to go with it. However, bathroom furniture is an area of your bathroom's design that is definitely worth thinking about. After all, if you're going to have a handyman install a cupboard or cabinet in your bathroom, you need to make sure you have room for it. Read on for a guide to bathroom furniture.

One of the main types of bathroom furniture is freestanding furniture. This typically takes the form of a cupboard that stands on the floor and that can be moved around. There are both traditional and modern versions of the style available, making it a good choice for many bathrooms. For instance, a freestanding glass and chrome shelving unit could be a lovely option for a minimalist, modern bathroom, while a traditional wooden cabinet might be great for a room where the aim is to create a timeless feel. One thing to bear in mind with freestanding bathroom furniture is that it needs to be sturdy enough that it isn't going to move or fall over at the slightest touch.

It is also possible to get built-in bathroom furniture, which is attached to the wall and therefore free from the risk of moving accidentally. Built-in furniture is quite popular in modern bathrooms as it can often hide a lot of the pipework that would otherwise stand out. For instance, you can get built-in sink units that provide you with cupboard space for storing things as well as shutting away the pipes that connect the sink to the household plumbing. For this reason, it's especially important that built-in furniture is damp-resistant.

Increasingly, modern bathroom suites also offer the option for off-the-ground furniture. This often takes the form of cabinets that appear to be floating and they can be a complementary addition to a bathroom suite with a 'floating' sink. This can also help to free up floor space and so is something to consider, although you do need to make sure the installation process has been carried out properly so the furniture will be secure. Your handyman will advise on this. If you need to hide plumbing with your bathroom furniture, one option is to create a false wall that contains the pipework. That way, you can still take advantage of the attractive off-the-ground furniture trend.

You might also need to choose some worktops as part of your bathroom furniture, especially if you go for a built-in sink unit. There are lots of different worktops available, from simple laminates at one end of the market to stone worktops at the other end. You'll need to take the weight of the worktop into consideration, as well as the colour to make sure it goes with the rest of your bathroom.

Frosted glass and other effects
Bathroom cupboards and cabinets also come with a range of door options. For instance, some cabinets have opaque doors that allow you to shut everything away, while others have frosted glass doors as an interesting style addition. You can also get doors with mirrors attached, which can be useful in the bathroom, so you'll have plenty of options to choose from.