Furniture Care Tips

No-one like the expense of having to buy new furniture and so when the inevitable happens, it`s worth investing a little time and effort into how you can make your new purchases last as long as possible.

Flat-pack fibreboard furniture is definitely the modern way to go if you`re on a tight budget and can handle self-assembly items. You can furnish a new home very cheaply but don`t expect to be handing the contents down to the grandchildren as it won`t last a lifetime. A wipe with a mild soap solution will keep plastic laminates and metal looking pristine for as long as possible. Even if fibreboard has been coated with plastic or wood laminate it should never be fully immersed in water.

Fully assembled items are pricey but if you want quality, you get what you pay for. If you can`t afford solid wood, real wood laminate may be a cheaper alternative. The inside will still be fibreboard but the surface can be waxed and polished so your neighbours won`t know the difference!

Furniture waxes offer the best protection for solid wood. They polish up the surface beautifully providing a protective layer, which very gradually builds after each treatment. Some waxes have a slight colour in them, which is ideal if you want to disguise a scratch or blemish in the wood. Make sure you get a good match or you could end up making the problem look worse.

A leather sofa can be a huge investment and perhaps the most expensive single item of furniture in your living room. It is surprisingly easy to keep it looking and smelling great with one basic care tip. Specialist leather cleansing solutions are reasonably cheap and generally available from anywhere that sells leather furniture. If you treat your sofa to a good surface clean just once a year it will maintain its looks for longer. Just remember to follow the instructions and always read your care label, as suede and nubuck should never be cleaned with a wet solution.

Outdoor and conservatory furniture has become popular lately, especially wood and metal and it is wise to follow a few simple rules to make them last for years. If your chairs or table need to be treated to make them weatherproof it will say so on the paperwork that comes with them or the flat-pack assembly instructions so don`t assume that it`s all `garden ready`. Any oxidised paintwork can be treated with car wax to help regain its original colour.

Always cover your outdoor furniture when it`s not being used for a long time to protect it from the elements, particularly over the winter, or ideally store it in a shed or garage. You could even install a night latch to the door for added security if appropriate. London Handyman Services will fit the lock correctly, as a safety device is no good if it doesn`t do its job due to incorrect installation.