How to add value to your property

If you are considering investing in your bricks and mortar, it is important to choose wisely. Larger renovations, such as an extension or a loft conversion, can be a great investment but there are also smaller but still significant ways to add value to your home. Remodelling, along with improvements in internal decor, can make cost-effective improvements to your home that will lead to an increase in its value on the property market and make it more desirable to buyers.

Kitchens and Bathrooms
Careful planning is required when undertaking the remodelling of a kitchen or bathroom, but it is in these rooms that the greatest returns can be gained. Use a scale diagram to plan the layout of the room and think carefully about the provision of adequate storage space. You may prefer to use a professional kitchen or bathroom design service so that you can best maximise the space you have, rather than tackle it yourself.

If you don`t have a large budget you can give cheaper kitchen units a more expensive feel by buying superior quality worktops, tiles and appliances and by sourcing high quality fixtures and fittings such as door and drawer handles and taps. Remember that kitchens and bathrooms need the expertise of a qualified plumber in most instances; don`t be tempted to do your own plumbing unless you have the right skills and experience. Likewise for electrical work. Should you be limited by your budget to just one home improvement project, a new kitchen is the one to opt for. A fairly modern kitchen could simply be updated with new tiles, worktops, appliances and fittings but a dated kitchen will need a full replacement.

Remember to use paint that is specifically designed for use in kitchens and bathrooms as it contains properties that make it resistant to mould, grime and grease and it can be wiped cleaned. Use lighting strategically to showcase the best bits of your kitchen and don`t forget to select kitchen and bathroom flooring that`s durable, stain resistant and non-slip.

Decorating and Painting
In a property where the quality of the walls is good, painting is the cheapest way to update and improve internal decor. Painted walls are also easier to maintain and can easily be refreshed every couple of years. It is also possible to create a variety of paint effects, such as stippling and stencilling, although if you are planning to sell your home when the improvements have been completed, something more neutral is more likely to appeal to a wider range of potential purchasers. If you opt for wallpaper instead, remember that it`s better to overestimate than buy from different batches. Patterned wallpaper makes a striking feature when used on one wall, however it can become overbearing is used extensively. Pick your paper carefully and use a sample to have a trial run first.

Minimising Costs
The best way to keep costs down is to take some time to compare prices and seek out the best deals from suppliers. Local Authorities often offer grants for certain works, such as energy saving measures like roof lagging. Check with your local Council to see if these benefits might apply to the work that you are hoping to do.

Choosing a Professional
Whenever your remodelling plans include the removal of a wall, or the construction of a new one, you will want to seek the services of an expert. And, unless you are competent to carry out the works yourself, most projects will require help from a builder, decorator, plumber or electrician. By far the best way to find a suitably qualified professional is by word of mouth. London Handyman Services will always be able to satisfy your most demanding tasks.